Our Story

Approaching my 39th birthday I visited Whitby, a place I had spent many holidays as child, and this time I was going with my own family, my wife Rachel and our still relatively new family member Peanut, a chocolate dapple miniature dachshund. Having worked largely in the telecommunications industry most of my life, I like many others found myself made redundant at the start of the pandemic. Many job applications later I found a new role in a totally different sector and I was looking forward to my new working chapter and path ahead. But from the start something just didn't feel right - fast forward 11 months and the feeling hadn’t disappeared, it had only got worse. I was full of self-doubt and at a real low point and so the holiday was all about spending time with my family and clearing some headspace to be able to get back on track.

Sitting in a local pub, with Peanut snoring away between us, worn out from all his beach play, we joked about how ragged his bandana had got and how much better it would be if it were a slightly different design. We’d bought a few for him in the past, mainly the tie round neckerchief style that just ended up with him chewing or wriggling out of them. We agreed that one that threaded easily over his collar would work much better for him, and the seed was planted. With a quick internet search we found a beautiful selection of the tie style, but not many options for an over the collar design. I couldn’t shake the idea, and when Rach threw out the name ‘Bandanas & Mash’ it just clicked.

We decided if we were going to give it a go we needed to do it properly, and so with huge support from Rach, on the 14th July 2021 I took the terrifying but exhilarating step of handing in my notice at my existing job. The next day I woke with a feeling of relief, and excitement about the decision and a new chapter had begun. It’s with this that we welcome you to Bandanas & Mash - a new, exciting and slightly scary chapter in my life.


I'd like to personally thank the following people for their patience, helpful ear and dedication to help this idea come to life:

  • Rach (Taking this step with me and trusting my idea and vision)
  • Peanut (Chief inspiration and model at a very cheap daily rate)
  • Katie (giving up her free time to help with the website design, apologies again for my many calls and messages on all the tweaks and changes)
  • The designers at ATP (for the fantastic logo where you took our scribbled down idea and came back with something far greater than I could have imagined)
  • Finally and most importantly I’d like to thank you, the customer, or as I like to call you The Bandanas & Mash family. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible so huge thanks for all the feedback and social media likes, all the shares, re-posts and tags. Thank you from the bottom of our dog-loving hearts.

Giving Back

With every order you give something back

Bandanas & Mash will be donating 5% from every purchase made, as a charitable donation to a well established dogs charity. So not only will your purchase make your own dog smile, you’ll also be helping with smiles for other dogs too.